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High Quality VAG Commander 8.1

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VAG Commander 8.1 Interface connects to RS232 of PC.
1.Its functions, including read IMMO Login code from supported VAG cars via diagnostic connector, key learning and adaption via diagnostic connector.
2.Using this device you can read the security Login Code for VAG Cars who are made starting +/- June 2000 to year 2004 and who are using Immobilizer System 3.

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ABRITES Commander for BMW:

ABRITES Commander for BMW is a PC - Windows based diagnostic software for BMW vehicles E38 E39 E46 E53 E83 E85, E6x, E7x, E8x, E9x. Initially with the latest SW release (version 5.6) is introduced diagnostic capabilities for latest BMW vehicles produced in 2010 year-new BMW series 5-body F10, new series 7-body F01.

With help of your tool you can perform unusual for remaining diagnostic tools operations with the electronic modules inside of the vehicle like coding of control units, programming vehicle order, reprogramming flash memory of the units, tuning of your engine control unit, programming keys, mileage recalibration.

Functionality of your software is depending of ordered functions for your interface.

Each interface produced by Abritus72 Ltd is with unique serial number printed on the interface.

Abrites VAG Commander:

Abrites VAG Commander is a Windows PC based diagnostic software for the vehicles fromVAG. With the help of this tool you can perform operations with vehicles from the VAG group,which are in most cases unsupported from the producer diagnostic testers. The “Abrites VAGCommander" provides you also a full diagnostic capabilities for VAG-vehicles.

ABRITES Commander for Toyota/Lexus/Scion:

ABRITES Commander for Toyota/Lexus/Scion is a Windows PC based professional diagnostic software for vehicles from the Toyota/Lexus/Scion group. With the help of this software you can perform complete diagnostic operations of all 2000-present vehicles from the TOYOTA / LEXUS / SCION group, which are in most cases unsupported from the producer diagnostic testers. The “ABRITES Commander for TOYOTA / LEXUS / SCION" provides also complete standard diagnostics (read faults, erase faults, current data, actuator tests) for TOYOTA / LEXUS / SCION vehicles.

Our PC USB diagnostic interface supports K-Line and CAN-BUS interface. Diagnostics is performed via the OBD-II connector.

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1 set x VAG Commander 8.1 

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